It has been announced that Clique (Series 2) starring our Leo Suter as the co-lead role of Jack will be broadcast on BBC1.

The first two episodes will premiere consecutively with Episode 1 airing on Monday 15th July and Episode 2 on Tuesday 16th July at 10.35pm. The rest of the six part series will air each following Monday on BBC1 at the same time.

In Clique (Series 2), Holly finds herself drawn out of self-imposed hiding towards a close-knit, smart and magnetic set of male students led by charismatic, good-looking Jack (Leo Suter). When they become embroiled in a campus-wide scandal, Holly is torn between the kinship she feels with them and the unnerving sense that something darker is at play. Do the clique boys represent the provocative fight-back response of fed-up youth, or are their politics hiding a more personal, insidious danger?